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How do I book a party?

We kindly suggest booking your party through our website, email or phone. We do suggest you try to book at least 2 weeks in advance, however we will do our very best to accommodate your booking regardless.

Where are the parties usually held?

Parties are usually held in your home but we can certainly set up at a venue of your choice.


Typically, we set up in a living room, bonus room or finished basement. We utilize your couch and chairs for our spa décor and ask that there is a large sized table in the room that we can also us for additional decorations. We have mats or towels that we always lay down to protect your flooring or carpet when doing manicures and pedicures. We need to be close to a sink, ideally a washroom, in order for our clients to wash their hands.


You Glo Girl accepts cash, cheque or credit.

Travel Fee?

We do charge a travel fee for all our parties due to the necessity of You Glo Girl staff requiring the use of their vehicle to carry supplies.

Do I need to confirm the number of guests?

We ask that you give us the final confirmation of guests no later than 3 days prior to your booking. We will do our best to accommodate guests arriving late or having to leave the party early, however some
restrictions may apply. Please enquire.

You Glo Girl obligations?

Please provide a safe, clean, comfortable and clutter free area for the party area with good lighting. Due to the extent of our supplies and set up we would be grateful if you could remove pets from the party area prior to our arrival. As well, we ask that you inform us ahead of time if there are cats on the premise. Under no circumstances can we provide services to any residence or premise where there is smoking due to severe allergies and the exposure to our spa pillows, blankets, etc. If possible, please leave a parking spot open that is close to your entrance to ensure an easier transition of supplies from our vehicle to your home and vice versa. There is a $175.00 minimum charge per party booking. Gratuities are not required or expected but would be sincerely appreciated for a successful party

Cancellations and refunds?

If you have to cancel and are able to give us notice at least 1 week prior to your booking we will be happy to refund your deposit. If it is less than 1 week unfortunately we will be unable to refund the deposit, but we will be happy to find an alternative date for you. In the event of inclement weather, illness or other unforeseen emergencies preventing our staff from arriving to your party we reserve the right to cancel and offer an alternative party date.

Sanitation and Safety?

When creating You Glo Girl I strongly reflected on my 24 years of Cosmetology experience, the vast understanding I have as a mother of a child with complex medical issues and the years I spent working in the Maternal/Child areas of Prince George Regional Hospital. I respect and fully recognize the necessity of proper sanitation and the safety of children. It is essential all staff of You Glo Girl be fully trained and completely aware of proper sanitation measures and the safety of all guests at each party. All spa products used within our business are professional grade and any supplies used on the girls are disposable or cleaned with Alberta Health and industry standards disinfectants. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding either of these matters please do not hesitate to ask.