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Nastassia has always had a love of sports, soccer being the main one. She began playing at the age of 7 and still continues to play today! Her commitment to the things she enjoys helps her succeed in the different aspects of her life, including working with kids and teens. Working as a technician with You Glo Girl has brought her fulfillment and joy. Nastassia’s approachable and friendly nature combined with her energy make for a fun and entertaining Glo party. She is currently in her second year at the University of Calgary with her heart and hopes set on a business career.

When creating You GLO Girl my aspiration was to touch the lives of young girls and open up more opportunities for them to embrace their celebrations, dream more, and have the most fun with those closest to them. With over 20 years’ experience in cosmetology, sales, advocating for sick and medically challenged children and their families and countless hours of volunteering, I understand the need to dream. More importantly, I am a “mom” to 2 very special girls who have brought me so much light and love for the past 18 years. It is because of them and their inspiration I was able to envision a business where we can generate smiles and endless memories for your daughter and her friends.

Merissa has always been passionate about sports, in particular soccer and gymnastics. Music and dance have been an integral part of her life since a very young age. After 13 years of French Immersion and graduation from Western Canada High School, she is currently attending the University of Calgary hoping to pursue the field of medicine. Having a little sister with significant special needs truly molded her into a patient, understanding and giving individual. Working for You Glo Girl is a wonderful opportunity to showcase these qualities, embrace the creativity in her and lift the spirits of many young girls.

Receiving her first Camera was the start of it all, but once her daughter was born she simply couldn’t put her camera down, hence creating a new focus and career. Completing a series of Photography Courses at SAIT polytechnic here in Calgary, allowed her to pursue her passion further by starting a small business of her own. She wants families and people to reminisce the essence of that particular moment forever and that was when Reminessence Photography was born. “Today will never be like tomorrow, so enjoy the moments as they are today! “Photographing particular moments in people’s lives such as Weddings, Family Portraits, Maternity & newborns, Birthdays and Special Events, is an honour, to be invited into people’s lives and capture those special moments that will last a lifetime! Prior to Photography, she has years of experience working with children as a Certified Early Childhood and Development Daycare worker and as a Nanny for many years. She is also CPR certified. She is also a certified Medical Office Assistant working with various medical facilities in Calgary throughout the years to date! She is currently taking additional beauty courses to enhance her skills in the beauty industry as this is also another passion of hers! You Glo Girl is a wonderful opportunity for her to utilize and showcase all her skills and thrive on seeing the joy and happiness of all those involved! There is nothing more beautiful than a Childs happy smiling face!

From the time Brittany was a very young girl she dreamed of becoming a hairstylist. Playing with her mom’s hair and eventually moving on to do friend’s hair she decided to make it a career. With a recent hairstyling education from MC College, Brittany is following her passion. She absolutely knows it is was the right choice and what she wanted to do with her life. The experience of making someone happy after doing their hair is what Brittany strives for. When she discovered You Glo Girl she instantly wanted to come aboard. The thought of getting all dolled up like mom for your special day sounded like a great idea. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work with the kids and teens and is grateful for the delight it brings them. The joy in their faces and the squeals when they walk into a room that has just been set up for a party is so much fun. I love the energy they give me!

Jessica graduated from the Career and Technology Centre and is now flourishing in her career with You Glo Girl in addition to another well-known and reputable spa in Calgary. With a silver medal from the Alberta Provincial Skills competition under her belt, Jessica has proven that great effort and passion for the work you do makes a difference. That difference and desire has had a wonderful impact on the birthday party experiences shared by many girls she works with.